Foods for Psoriasis

Foods for Psoriasis

Why Grocery Shopping Correctly Can Change Your Psoriasis

Who would think that grocery shopping would be part of the treatment for any health disorder? Yet, it is actually part of every disorder, including those that are dermatological disorders.

What you put inside your grocery cart at the store will become a part of you. The foods we eat become incorporated into our cellular structure. Thus, if you eat junk food and processed foods, your body becomes junk and starts to fall apart after time. The foundation of your cells becomes weakened as a result of eating junk foods. The opposite is also true. If you eat good, wholesome and healthy foods, your cells become strong and you set a good solid foundation for health. Over time, your body restores itself.

Your skin takes about six weeks to regenerate. Thus, eating healthy foods can turn your skin around in about 6 weeks, showing the first real progress in months.

So what are the best foods for psoriasis? And what should you put in your grocery cart at the store? Here’s a guide:

  1. First hit the fruit and vegetable section. Fruits cleanse the body and vegetables build the body. Without fruits, there’s a good chance your antioxidant levels will be low, plus it’s easy for your cells to be in need of cleansing. Vegetables provide B vitamins and minerals as well as fiber to keep you healthy. Your skin needs B vitamins and minerals to look its healthiest.Your skin also benefits from all the antibacterial and antifungal properties of the fruits and vegetables. Onions and garlic are great vegetables to prevent infections from taking hold in the body. There is some evidence that psoriasis may be caused by a microbe in some cases, so all the onions and garlic you can eat could potentially help your skin heal.Fill your cart with three to four different types of fruits and seven to eight types of vegetables. Select the fruits according to your tastes. Select the vegetables according to what you like in your salads, what vegetables you’ll put into soups, and vegetables you’ll eat along with your main entrees.Your shopping cart might look like this:
    • 6 grapefruit
    • 2 pounds apricots
    • 4 apples
    • 1 watermelon
    • romaine lettuce
    • spinach
    • tomatoes
    • 3 cucumbers
    • green onions
    • bulb of garlic
    • 1 bunch broccoli
    • 5 pounds carrots
    • 1 head cauliflower
    • 2 yams
    • 4 sweet potatoes
  1. Protein foods should also be in your cart. Protein is the #1 building material for skin. Here’s a list of possible protein foods to put in your cart:
    • Beef, buffalo, or lamb
    • Pork
    • Chicken, turkey, duck, capon, or goose
    • Eggs
    • Other wild meats
    • Dairy products
    • Fish and shellfish

Select four to five of these protein types of foods. It’s best to purchase them with multiple meals in mind. For example, it’s easier to prepare a roast that will give you at least 10 servings as opposed to one serving of ribs, another for steak, and another for hamburger, etc. Consider a decrease of cooking time, not an increase when you go shopping.


Of course there are more foods you will need to round out your diet. But starting with the most essential foods for psoriasis, specifically, in your grocery cart will always help you set that strong foundation for your body to heal itself in every way.

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