Tips for Exercising Without Causing a Psoriasis Flare-Up

How to Manage Psoriasis and Exercise Safely

Psoriasis and ExerciseExercise aids weight management, reduces inflammation, relieves stress and improves heart health — these are well-known truths. However, many people who have psoriasis are often unclear if exercise helps or makes their condition worse.

How Exercise Benefits People With Psoriasis

If simple measures are implemented, exercise can relieve symptoms, improve the effectiveness of treatments, decrease stress, and help you maintain a healthy weight. Exercise also:

  • Aids circulation and can help medications use to treat psoriasis work better
  • Decreases flare-ups by relieving stress
  • Helps to relieve discomfort due to psoriatic arthritis
  • Supports the body’s own natural detoxification processes
  • Promotes the production of endorphins, which increase your mood and relieve pain

Problems arise when exercise is done without taking precautions to relieve the physical stress on the body. For example, if you wear clothing that does not allow the free flow of air to your skin, lesions may become irritated and flare up.

Weight Management Improves Psoriasis Symptoms

One of the most important reasons to control your weight is that being overweight contributes to inflammation, and as a result, flare-ups. Keeping inflammation under control will not only relieve psoriasis, it will keep your entire body healthy.

Managing a healthy weight will also decrease your risks of developing diabetes, breathing problems and cardiovascular illnesses.

Exercise, Weight Management, and Circulation

When you are diagnosed with psoriasis, you may have an increased risk of heart disease, so exercise is especially important. The anti-inflammatory effects of exercise help reduce risks of heart and blood vessel conditions, including blood clots, stroke, and heart attack.


You can also improve circulation throughout your body from regular exercise. As a result of this, medications prescribed to treat your psoriasis may be more effective.

Healthy circulation also aids detoxification, as your body removes irritating wastes more effectively when your circulation is robust. It also supports the function of your skin, kidneys, digestive tract, and liver — all of which contribute to healthy detoxification.

Embarrassment Leads to Poorer Health

Unfortunately, many individuals who have psoriasis are sensitive about their appearance. They tend to withdraw socially and limit their involvement in healthy activities. Some people who have psoriasis feel isolated.

As a result, they may become sedentary, depressed and overweight. They may indulge in unhealthy habits, such as consuming too much alcohol. All of these actions diminish quality of life and contribute to flare-ups. If any of these characteristics, sound familiar, it is time to reclaim your health and life. You can do it!

Many people who have psoriasis also don’t get enough exercise because they are reluctant to be seen in gym clothes or swimsuits due to their lesions. If you are embarrassed about your lesions, choose activities that do not require wearing shorts, tank tops or swimsuits, exercise at home, or purchase lightweight clothing created from breathable fabrics.

Once you get out there and reap the benefits of exercise, you may decide to overcome your fear of showing your lesions and simply enjoy your workout.

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