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Patricia Bratianu, RN, PhD, RH (AHG), is a nurse with 40 years of experience in an array of inpatient and outpatient settings.

During those years Patricia came to realize that conventional healthcare was not meeting the needs of all patients. She became an herbalist and obtained a PhD in natural health. This affords her the opportunity to provide balanced, well-rounded health care options to her clients.

Patricia is a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, having passed the stringent peer-reviewed process to become a registered herbalist.

She believes no one health care system has all the answers. She uses philosophies and modalities encompassing cutting edge sciences and ancient healing traditions to create individualized programs for clients. Patricia educates and empowers clients, assisting them in choosing health care options that work for them.

Patricia works with people of all ages who have a variety of health concerns. She writes and teaches about health and herbs.

Patricia's Work

Psoriasis Treatment

Understanding Your Psoriasis Treatment Options

Psoriasis treatment is aimed at slowing the abnormally rapid growth of skin cells and psoriasis symptoms. Here are seven treatment options to consider.
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Living with Psoriasis

8 Healthy Habits for Living With Psoriasis

Healthy lifestyle habits can help you to minimize your psoriasis flare-ups. Consider these eight healthy habits for living with psoriasis.
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Winter Psoriasis

Take Care of Your Psoriasis in Winter

If you have psoriasis you know it exhibits worse symptoms during the cold winter months. Here's how to avoid flare-ups and take care of winter psoriasis.
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Psoriasis Swelling

Psoriatic Arthritis: Caring for Your Hands and Feet

Psoriatic arthritis can cause pain and swelling in your hands, fingers, feet and toes. Consider these tips for treating and preventing psoriasis swelling.
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Psoriasis and Exercise

How to Manage Psoriasis and Exercise Safely

Understanding how to manage your psoriasis and exercise safely is crucial to your health. These simple tips will help you get moving and avoid flare-ups.
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11 Things You Might Not Know About Psoriasis

11 Things You Might Not Know About Psoriasis

Most people know psoriasis can cause itchy, scaly patches on the skin, but not much else. Let’s look at some facts about psoriasis you may not be aware of.
by Patricia Bratianu on September 1, 2015
New Research Into Link Between Psoriasis and Ethnicity

New Research Into Link Between Psoriasis and Ethnicity

Psoriasis affects approximately 3% of all people worldwide, but some groups are more prone than others to develop psoriasis.
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Natural Scalp Treatments for Psoriasis

Natural Scalp Treatments for Psoriasis

Home remedies and scalp treatments for psoriasis include topical and internal treatments; herbal therapies, essential oils, and dietary interventions.
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Is Psoriasis Hereditary?

Is Psoriasis Hereditary?

The significance of having a close family member who has psoriasis can be confusing, as varying studies have had varying results.
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Psoriasis in Children and Babies

Psoriasis in Children and Babies

Psoriasis in children is often misdiagnosed – lesions in children may not resemble the psoriatic plaques seen in adults. Learn the signs and treatments.
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