Coping With Psoriasis on Your Wedding Day

Linzi SlaminLinzi Slamin
Apr 19, 2017

Psoriasis warrior Linzi recently just got married. Psoriasis was on her mind, but thankfully not on her skin.

See how she managed psoriasis leading up to her wedding in the video above, or read the text below.

Visit Your Doctor

In the run up to the big day, be conscious of keeping all your GP and dermatologist appointments. You may even want to ask for a special appointment shortly before the wedding, so you can treat a potential flare-up in plenty of time.

Making your dermatologist aware of your hopes and expectations for your skin might make you feel like you’ve got someone on your side.

Eat Clean

Looking after yourself from the inside will help the outside. Eat as healthy as possible, drink lots of water, and exercise regularly.

Be Conscious of Clothing Choices

Make sure when picking your dress that you are aware of the parts of your skin you’d like to show, and if there are any areas you want covered.

Material is very important — especially the lining on the inside of the dress. Avoid any embellishments or anything that’s going to be overly itchy on your skin.

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