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Linzi is learning to manage her guttate psoriasis whilst juggling a very busy lifestyle as a full time teacher and part time dancer.

Linzi was first diagnosed with psoriasis in her early twenties. She has used a variety of treatments; some more successful than others. At her lowest point, the psoriasis covered about 60% of her body and became pustular when she was hospitalized.

This led to her using the immune suppressant Ciclosporin for 9 months, which effectively cleared her skin. Linzi’s psoriasis still makes an appearance and the little, red spots are very much a part of her body.

She now uses daily moisturizing, a healthy, active lifestyle and coal tar treatment at home to keep it at bay. She wants to help spread awareness of this chronic disease and help remind others they are not alone in their psoriasis journey.

You can see more of Linzi's videos on her YouTube channel.

Linzi's Work

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Coping With Psoriasis on Your Wedding Day

I recently just got married. It was a wonderful day; it was absolutely brilliant. And psoriasis was on my mind, but thankfully it wasn't on my skin.
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