4 Tips for Managing Scalp Psoriasis

Linzi SlaminLinzi Slamin
Jun 28, 2016

In this video our new vlogger Linzi shares her top tips for dealing with scalp psoriasis.

Watch the video above to hear Linzi’s recommendations for treating and coping with the condition, or read the written summary below.

1. Tackle the Itch

If it’s the itch that’s bothering you, I recommend oral antihistamines, and shampoos specifically for scalp psoriasis.

At the moment I use a coal tar shampoo. I wash my hair maybe once or twice a week, using a very mild shampoo and a conditioner alongside the coal tar. Remember that coal tar shampoo, or any medicated shampoos, are for your scalp, not for your hair.

Speak to your pharmacist or GP just to ask what treatments would suit you best — it’s probably going to be trial and error finding out which one works for you.

2. Moisturize

Massage a spoonful of either olive or coconut oil into your scalp, and then leave it to sit for a while — I tend to leave it in overnight. In the morning, wash it out with a mild shampoo or your medicated shampoo.

This helps to moisturize your scalp and it gets rid of some of those dry patches.

3. Talk to Your Hairdresser

Your hairdresser or your barber might not be the person you want to visit when you have scalp psoriasis, but they are experts.

Be honest with them; they’ve seen it all before. They may be able to help you with a new style to cover it, or with ways to minimize your use of styling products.

4. Wear Light-Colored Tops

Wearing light-colored clothing on your top half doesn’t take away your scalp psoriasis, but it certainly helps to hide the flakes.

Steer clear of black or navy blue, or any other dark colors that will show up with flakes on your shoulders.

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