7 Psoriasis Self-Care Tips You Should Try Today

7 Psoriasis Self-Care Tips You Should Try Today

Psoriasis Self-Care: Psoriasis and the Importance of Self-Care

Everyone’s experience with psoriasis is different. Some people get it really bad while others may get it in a manageable dose. No matter how you get it, the concept of self-care is the same. Without looking after yourself and making sure your health is a priority, it’s quite likely you’ll end up with a flare-up that you could just do without.

Many of us live our lives wanting to please people and help out wherever possible, but if we take on too much we can start to feel run down and drained. These feelings are not ideal for psoriasis sufferers as they tend to lead the sufferer to exhaustion and sickness.

Psoriasis sufferers already have an overactive immune system, so when we get run down, our body goes into hyperdrive to try and fix it. However, our body doesn’t quite get it completely right and it starts attacking our own tissue causing a psoriasis flare-up.

In order to avoid this wherever we can, we really need to take time out for ourselves and not let little things stress us out. Here’s a selection of ways to look after yourself.

Don’t Overcommit

I’m a sucker with this one. And this is definitely one that is easier to say than do. I personally have so many things that I want to dedicate some of my time to that it’d be incredibly difficult to limit myself and only pick a few of them.

However, if there are things that you’re saying yes to because you feel like you have to, but really you don’t, I’d really recommend you claim back some of that time for yourself.


Keep Your Weekends Free

Another one that’s easier said than done! The perk of keeping your weekend free is that even if you have a hectic busy weekend, at least you know that there are two days at the end of the week where you can unwind and relax. Even two days of downtime is a calming influence and can really help you get ready for another chaotic week.

Someone’s Urgent Isn’t Always Your Urgent

Something I’m learning over the years is that just because someone says something is urgent and needs to be done immediately, it doesn’t always mean that.

If you know you’re working as hard as you can and as quick as you can, don’t put more pressure on yourself to finish things to other people’s timelines. You work towards your own, and if they have to wait another day, so be it. Your health and happiness is the top priority.

Protect Your Relaxation Time

Whether you enjoy lying on the couch watching a good TV series, or curling up with a good book, make sure you factor in some proper downtime where you’re not thinking about work or your other commitments. You may even set up your laptop in the bathroom while you have a nice relaxing bath, watching your favorite show.

Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Yes, I’m talking about alcohol. I definitely notice when I have had a drink or two. My skin goes all out of whack, I’m tired, and I really don’t get through tasks like I want to. I’m not saying cut it all out together, but definitely take note of how you feel when you do have a drink. Alcohol is not great for your immune system.

Stay Active With Exercise

It can be difficult to squeeze in exercise into your day, but I thoroughly recommend it. Even just walking for 15 minutes to and from work can be the added movement in your day that you need.

If you can fit some more exercise specific time in your day, do it. An hour of yoga every couple of days or a walk around the block wouldn’t go amiss.

There’s also plenty of apps for your smartphone that work as great motivators – things like Map My Run. Even a Fitbit is super motivating as you can see all the steps you’ve done in a day.

Eat Healthy as Much as You Can

I’m sure we all notice the difference between a week of eating home cooked meals and a week of eating takeaways. You feel sluggish and low in energy when you eat takeaways too often.

It’s very important to monitor the type of foods you’re consuming and make a note not to eat too much processed foods. Although it can be pricier and not always achievable, eating fresh foods can be very beneficial to your health.

Psoriasis is one of those things that we just never really know what triggers it. But making sure you take some time to focus on yourself and your mental and physical health can truly help to keep your body balanced and psoriasis flare-ups at bay.

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