7 Stress Relief Practices to Prevent Psoriasis Flare-Ups

7 Stress Relief Practices to Prevent Psoriasis Flare-Ups

Psoriasis and Stress Management Tips

As a bit of a ‘stress monkey,’ I can push myself to my absolute limit to achieve what I’m working towards. But in doing so, I often end up wearing myself right down to the point where I usually experience a psoriasis flare-up.

I’m pretty sure stress is the main factor when it comes to my psoriasis, so I have a few coping mechanisms that help me relax and destress when things get a bit much.

I’ve put together a selection of my favorites that perhaps you’d like to try and see if they help you too.

Practice Yoga

It’s easy to overwork ourselves and forget to fit in time for exercise.

If you can’t quite commit to getting out of the house every day and going for a big walk or run, then why not pop some YouTube on the telly and give some yoga a go.

I would recommend trying Yoga With Adriene’s channel a try, regardless of your yoga experience. She’s wonderfully supportive, and there’s a vast array of types of yoga that you can try depending on your energy level for the day, and what you want to work on.

Get Enough Rest

Another one that’s a give-in, but is really difficult to maintain, is getting enough sleep.

If you’re anything like me, you probably think you’re doing so well and getting away with only getting about five to six hours of sleep per night. But what about those weekends? Do you also end up sleeping in until 9.30 am or 10 am?


You’re not giving your body enough rest. Sleep is such a great healer, and if you’re trying to clear up a psoriasis flare-up, getting enough sleep is something you need to be doing.

Remember to Stay Hydrated

We all know what happens when we don’t drink enough water. We get dehydrated. And I’m sure many of us are aware that if we don’t hydrate our skin when we have a psoriasis flare-up, it makes it so much worse.

Keep your body hydrated, and keep those bad toxins flowing out of your body to try and minimise the psoriasis flare-ups you encounter. I’m terrible at this one, but I do notice a remarkable difference in my skin when I do manage to squeeze in six or so glasses of water in a day.

Enjoy Sunshine, In Moderation

This one I know we have to be careful with because many of our topical lotions come with warnings not to go out in the sun if it’s applied. Of course, getting sunburn can play havoc with psoriasis.

However, sunshine in moderation is so important. I notice that in the summertime when I take my book outside with me and just have even a 20 minute read a few times a day, my skin is so much better. Pop on a sun hat, and get some vitamin D.

Spend a Three-Day Weekend Doing What Calms You

Even just the weekend! But three-day weekends are even better.

If you can, try to secure yourself one here and there during the year, and you’ll notice a big difference in your mood and your health. You know what most weekends are like.

You spend Saturday cleaning and getting everything back to normal. Then Sunday you finally get a chance to relax (sometimes,) but then it’s straight back to work the next day for a full five days of working yourself into a big stress ball.

If you can get away for a few three-day weekends, you’ll have an extra day to unwind.

Relax With a Long Bath

I wish I could do this more often, and I have a stockpile of Lush bath bombs that are just waiting to be used. A long bath is super relaxing, and so great if you’ve got yourself quite wound up.

If you’re experiencing a flare-up, throw in a few capfuls of coal tar, and just let yourself soak for 15 minutes or so. Take a book or set up Netflix, and just downright chill out and relax.

Pet Cuddles Can Relieve Stress

I’d always heard that animals are very mood boosting, and can relax the people they’re around. However, I didn’t ever experience this until our little kitten moved in. Ever since my kitten has been around, he’s always after the spot closest to you to cuddle up and snooze in, and for some reason, having a sleeping kitten on you or near you is so soothing.

If you’ve got a fur baby, I thoroughly recommend getting a daily dose of cuddles in to destress.

The Bottom Line…

If you’re experiencing stress on any level, remember that you don’t have to do everything.

If you’re stressing out about a flare-up, take a deep breath and pick one of these ideas to try out. I can guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot better when you take some time out of your day for yourself and relax.

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