Two Ways to Get the Right Fats

Two Ways to Get the Right Fats

Two Good Fats That Can Help Your Psoriasis

It’s a known fact now in medical science that omega-3 fats help psoriasis. The disorder is called an autoimmune disorder of the skin, and it’s one that affects the T cells of the immune system.

The overactive T cells create high levels of arachidonic acid that causes inflammatory compounds to be produced en masse. However, when omega-3 is added to the diet of those with psoriasis, the inflammatory compound numbers dwindle quickly. Then the skin condition begins to go away.

How to Get More Omega-3 Fats into Your Diet

Once you know this, the next step is to take more omega-3 fats. How can you do that? Here are a few different methods:

  1. Take a capsule of omega-3 fats. Generally, each capsule is about 1000 mg omega-3 fats, and you’ll need four capsules per day. Divide the four capsules into two dosages of two capsules.
  2. Take a liquid omega-3 fat supplement. One excellent brand is Carlson; with new technology, the liquid doesn’t taste fishy and doesn’t make you burp. It’s actually rather pleasant. Take the equivalent of 2000 mg twice daily.

The Sprouted Nut Method

There’s another viewpoint on how to make headway on your psoriasis skin rash. This one is more involved and will take some sweat on your part, but it’s been pretty effective. Here’s the procedure:


  1. Get a few pounds of raw nuts. Soak them over night in pure water. You’ll need enough water to cover them, plus another 4 inches of water since the nuts will expand greatly during the night. Walnuts and almonds are two excellent types of nuts to start with.
  2. Rinse the nuts in the morning, discarding the water they were soaking in all night long.
  3. Spread out the nuts to dry on a flat cookie sheet or large platter. Allow them to dry for about 3 hours.
  4. Then grind the nuts until you get a nut butter. The oil will separate from the actual nutmeat.
  5. Collect the oil and place it into a jar. You’ll use this oil to spread on your skin that is affected by psoriasis. Repeat the application every day for a few weeks. Your skin should heal up nicely with this method.

This second method utilizes the complete spectrum of fats found in the nuts to heal the skin. The nuts are sprouted when they soak in water overnight, and during that process, they will expand their vitamin content remarkably. The nuts become little living vitamins and then are turned into living oil that nourishes your skin.

Try one or both of these methods and then report back on what happened!


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