Psoriasis Symptoms
Lara Wyatt
Lara Wyatt
December 4, 2018
Signs and symptoms of psoriasis may vary depending on the type of psoriasis you have. Read on to learn about common psoriasis symptoms here.

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Infographic Psoriasis and Restless Legs Syndrome

Psoriasis and Restless Legs Syndrome

People with psoriasis may be losing sleep over restless legs syndrome (RLS), a neurological disorder that causes itching, burning sensations in the legs.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on November 15, 2016
Psoriasis Hair Loss

Does Psoriasis Cause Hair Loss?

Psoriasis hair loss is a common symptom of the condition. When you see the thinning hair, you may wonder two things: “Why?” and “is this permanent?”
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Infographic psoriasis and anxiety infographic

Psoriasis and Anxiety Management

Many chronic illness sufferers experience anxiety. It could be a pre-existing condition, but in many cases it is due to their pain and stress.
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Nail Psoriasis

Nail Psoriasis and How to Manage It

Like other forms, nail psoriasis can vary in severity and symptoms. Some people are annoyed by pits and chips, while others may lose their nails entirely. 
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Symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis

What Are the Symptoms of Psoriatic Arthritis?

Around 30 percent of psoriasis sufferers will see symptoms under the skin, in their joints. So, what exactly are the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis?
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Facial Psoriasis

Facial Psoriasis

Facial psoriasis can be difficult to treat, as the skin on your face sensitive, but there are several medications and home remedies you can use.
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Nail Psoriasis

Nail Psoriasis

Nail psoriasis is uncomfortable and can be hard on your self-esteem, but with the right medical treatment you can reduce your symptoms and their impact.
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Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp Psoriasis

About 50% of psoriasis sufferers experience scalp psoriasis, ranging from mild to severe itching and/or burning that spread onto the face and neck.
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Symptoms of Oral Psoriasis

Symptoms of Oral Psoriasis

Psoriasis symptoms are often evident in the mouth. The soft mucous tissues inside of the mouth make this area of the body susceptible to flare ups of the condition.
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Infographic What Are the Effects of Psoriasis?

What Are the Effects of Psoriasis?

An infographic about psoriasis prevalence, effect on the quality of life, common symptoms, and co-morbidities.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on January 7, 2014