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Eric L. Patterson, LPC, is a professional counselor in western Pennsylvania, who has been working for over a decade to help his clients live happier lives. By night, he is a dad, husband, runner and freelance writer specializing in transferring his mental health knowledge and experience into clear, actionable content for his readers.

Recently, Eric’s writing has expanded to a lighter side with Consume Review Repeat. Whether the topic is as serious as the impacts of anxiety or as silly as the best iced coffees around, Eric strives to keep his writing sharp, engaging and enlightening.

Eric loves his daughters, indie rock music and all things zombies. Read more about Eric and his writing on his website.

Eric's Work

Depression and Psoriasis

Fighting Back Against Depression Caused by Psoraisis

Psoriasis and depression go hand-in-hand. Not only can stress make symptoms worse, but it can trigger new symptoms of mental health conditions.
360 found this helpful by Eric Patterson on December 14, 2016
Psoriasis and Stress

The Link Between Psoriasis and Stress

Psoriasis itself can be a stressor, and when you become stressed, it gets worse. Learn about the link between psoriasis and stress and how to manage it.
140 found this helpful by Eric Patterson on January 12, 2016
Dealing with Others

Coping With People’s Reactions to Psoriasis

Dealing with psoriasis and its impact on you, as well as the ignorance of others can be a demanding job.
46 found this helpful by Eric Patterson on April 29, 2015
Psoriasis and Isolation

Psoriasis and Isolation

Fear of judgment means psoriasis and isolation can easily go hand in hand, if you let them. Consider these tips for beating isolation.
48 found this helpful by Eric Patterson on February 18, 2015
Finding Psoriasis Support

Finding Psoriasis Support

When you have psoriasis support is very important. Consider these thoughts on identifying the supports already in your life, and finding new ones.
38 found this helpful by Eric Patterson on February 11, 2015
Psoriasis Acceptance

Psoriasis Acceptance

Have you accepted psoriasis yet? Remember that acknowledging that you have a chronic medical condition like psoriasis is different than accepting it.
72 found this helpful by Eric Patterson on January 13, 2015
Psoriasis and Self Confidence

Psoriasis and Self Confidence

Psoriasis and Self Confidence: Having psoriasis can be a blow to your self confidence, but there are several things you can do to boost your self esteem.
85 found this helpful by Eric Patterson on October 28, 2014
Psoriasis Advocacy

Psoriasis Advocacy

Psoriasis will always be a part of your life. Accepting this fact and finding ways to reduce the stigma will not only make your life better.
84 found this helpful by Eric Patterson on August 12, 2014