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Is Psoriasis Hereditary: A Look at the Genetics of Psoriasis

Is Psoriasis Hereditary?

A person who has no relatives with psoriasis may develop the disease; however it is much more common among families. The significance of having a close family member who has psoriasis can be confusing, as varying studies have had varying results. People who have a sibling with psoriasis have about a 12-18% chance of getting the illness, according to one researcher. However, another study showed that if a child has psoriasis and neither parent is diagnosed...

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New Psoriasis Drug Research

New Psoriasis Drug Research

Psoriasis drug research could soon see two new medications on the market.
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Psoriasis Research

Psoriasis Research

A recent research study released information on acute psychological stress promoting healing in mice with different skin irritations, including psoriasis.
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