Psoriasis and Anxiety Management


Tips for Easing Anxiety

It’s common for psoriasis sufferers to experience anxiety on top of their condition. In fact, it’s common for all chronic illness sufferers to develop anxiety due to the pain and stress involved.

A vicious cycle occurs: you have a flare-up, have anxiety over having another one, which then triggers a flare-up.

It’s crucial to break this cycle. Dealing with anxiety on top of your psoriasis may seem daunting, but your health depends on proper management of each.

Just like your psoriasis, anxiety needs a multi-faceted approach. On top of any medical treatments, there are methods you can use at home to stop anxiety in its tracks before it can exacerbate your psoriasis.

Easing Anxiety

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NewLifeOutlook TeamNewLifeOutlook Team
Apr 26, 2016
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