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Light Therapy for Psoriasis: Psoriasis and Light Therapy Treatment

Light Therapy for Psoriasis

Exposing your skin to sun had been highly discouraged over the years – doctors tell you about the increased risk of premature aging and skin cancer. The cosmetic industry would also warn you about the negative impact of UV rays, while promoting various sun screen lotions. Yet, in moderation, sun is beneficial for everyone, and even more for psoriasis suffers. The use of natural sunlight as a medical treatment had been documented in ancient Egypt and...

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Turmeric for Psoriasis

Can Turmeric Be Used to Help Psoriasis?

There is a plethora of treatments for psoriasis that range from topical treatments to injected meds. But could you use turmeric for psoriasis treatment?
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Does Tanning Help Psoriasis?

Does Tanning Help Psoriasis?

Does tanning help psoriasis? Despite the risk, the sun has been recognized as a beneficial treatment for psoriasis sufferers.
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Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis

Caring for Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis plagues many, but luckily there are more and more remedies for scalp psoriasis becoming available. Learn more about your options!
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Video 4 Tips for Managing Scalp Psoriasis

4 Tips for Managing Scalp Psoriasis

Linzi shares her top tips for dealing with scalp psoriasis and shares her recommendations for treating and coping with the condition.
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Essential Oils for Psoriasis

Using Essential Oils for Psoriasis Relief

The essential oils for psoriasis used most often have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and soothing properties to tackle skin irritation and inflammation.
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Natural Scalp Treatments for Psoriasis

Natural Scalp Treatments for Psoriasis

Home remedies and scalp treatments for psoriasis include topical and internal treatments; herbal therapies, essential oils, and dietary interventions.
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Treatments for Psoriasis

Understanding Your Psoriasis Treatment Options

You can imagine the various remedies the man tried, and the number of doctors he went to that offered no permanent relief.
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Psoriasis Medications and Their Side Effects

Psoriasis Medications and Their Side Effects

While no drug can cure this condition, psoriasis medications can help alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis.
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Light Therapy for Psoriasis

Light Therapy for Psoriasis

Yet, in moderation, sun is beneficial for everyone, and even more for psoriasis suffers, in the form of light therapy.
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Psoriasis Herbal Remedies

5 Herbs for Psoriasis

There are many herbal remedies used to treat psoriasis, some used internally and some used externally with good results.
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